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Fires and stoves for leisure and hospitality

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All leisure and hospitality applications, whether that is a restaurant or a gym, could benefit from the use of an electric fire or stove to improve the ambience and increase customer comfort.

Dimplex offer a range of fires and stoves that can be both installed or ‘plug-and-go’, with the options of use with or without heat for year-round operation. Dimplex offers a range of modern or traditional styles to suit any environment and clientele, creating a warm and enticing feel to any room.

Electric fuelled fires and stoves have many advantages over gas or solid fuel:

  • Don’t need a gas line and annual maintenance
  • No carbon monoxide risk
  • Control over heat output
  • No need for chimney/flue
  • Cleaner burn – no need to clean up ash
  • Not a real flame so safe for open public use – children, elderly, animals, etc.