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Radiant heater for leisure and hospitality

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Whether it’s to provide a comfortable place to relax outside, increase the number of covers with outside dining, or just to offer suitable outdoor heating for the garden, Dimplex all-weather outdoor heaters are the ideal solution. They’re simple to install, safe to use and one of the most effective solutions for outdoor heating currently available, with a number of benefits over gas patio heaters.

The heaters transmit harmless infra-red radiant energy, like the sun, that turns into heat only when it comes into contact with a solid object i.e. people. So you’re not heating the atmosphere or having the heat blown away in the wind – unlike outdoor gas heaters.

Dimplex offer a range of electric outdoor heaters that are easy to install and need no regular maintenance and provide heat at the flick of a switch – 365 days a year, making them the ideal hassle free, ‘fit and forget’, outdoor heating solution.

The Dimplex outdoor heating range are some of the most efficient outdoor heaters available and much kinder to the environment than a patio heater:

  • They’re extremely efficient, providing comfortable warmth with only a low energy input.
  • Heat loss is minimised with infra-red technology heating solid objects only
  • No need to transport heavy gas bottles, so reducing carbon intensive distribution
  • When linked to our PIR sensor the heater will switch off automatically, reducing running costs even further
  • No regular maintenance – heating elements lasting up to 5000 hours

The instant directional heat can be felt straight away, with no waiting for the heater to warm-up. Even on a breezy day the heat will not be blown away and the heaters are water proof so even on rainy days, they can still be used.

Dimplex outdoor heaters can be permanently mounted on a wall or on an umbrella*, so cannot be knocked over accidentally. And because they are electric you don’t need to worry about poisonous carbon monoxide, or potentially explosive gas bottles stored on the premises.

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