ECOT tubular heater

Supplementary electric heating for leisure and hospitality projects

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For those projects that require additional areas to be heated - conservatories; patios; garages and workshops; box rooms; utility rooms; cupboards or corridors -  Dimplex has a wide range of heating products that address these often difficult to heat areas, supported by unrivalled knowledge and comprehensive customer support, to guide you through the specification and installation stages.

Thermostatic Tubular Heaters

The Dimplex ECOT range of low wattage thermostatic tubular heaters, which can be floor or wall mounted, is ideal for applications which require safe background heating for localised frost protection or as window de-misters.  Dimplex’s ECOT tubular heaters come in a range of six sizes/ outputs from one foot up to six foot long.

Cold watchers

Compact, durable heaters purpose designed for reliable frost protection. Available in two models – 500W and 1000W – Cold Watcher can be used freestanding or better still be wall mounted. With steel construction it is both tough and safe to use in wet areas, so is ideal for frost protection in outside storage areas or protecting exposed pipework.

It is low cost to run due to its energy saving thermostatic control, and has been professionally tested against the British Standard for frost protection.

Frost watcher

A simple to use, mains wired, heater that maintains a comfortable low level of heat suitable for outside storage buildings or workshops.

Skirting heater

Slim unobtrusive 500 watt output heater designed for wall mounting at skirting board level to provide limited background heating. Great for larger rooms where these heaters can be linked together end-to-end using an accessory kit (CH0471).

Outdoor patio

Easy to install and with low to no maintenance required, these robust outdoor all weather heaters are an economical way to warm up a patio or external work area.