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Radiant heaters for light commercial properties

Industrial units and light commercial premises are notoriously difficult to heat. With high ceilings, poor insulation and vast expanses of space, you will most likely need a combination of innovative electric heating and air solutions – not to mention a firm grasp on energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

For zone heating, the Dimplex range of radiant heaters for professional projects includes models for indoor or outdoor use with quartz or ceramic heating technologies.

The Dimplex portfolio includes a wide range of radiant electric heating products for light commercial properties, which means you can deliver a sustainable, effective solution with complete peace of mind for your clients.

The benefits

  • Radiant heat passes through the air and heats solid objects making it highly efficient wherever it’s installed
  • No need for expensive pre-heating, these heaters give heat instantly, cutting the cost of heating intermittently used areas
  • Because only the intended occupants are heated, not the air around them, you only pay for the heat you really need, rather than a whole area, or the atmosphere
  • With no moving parts, the Dimplex heaters are silent when operating, making them perfect where noise would otherwise be a problem
  • By only heating chosen areas, capital costs can be reduced with fewer heaters when compared with other systems