LA 40 AS Heat Pump

Heat pumps for offices

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With so many varying factors, specifying an electric heating system for offices is never a one-size-fits-all approach. You must consider the size, heat loss, hours of operation and other building management solutions amongst other factors – not to mention the different zones, rooms and communal spaces that need heating.

As businesses look to expand into new premises the restrictions imposed by local planning and building regulations, as well as potential cost savings make heat pumps an increasingly viable option. Dimplex offers vast experience of specifying heat pumps for offices of all shapes and sizes – backed by the customer service, regulatory insight and design support you need to deliver excellence to your own clients.

For existing buildings with oil, LPG or electric heating air source heat pumps are a popular choice due to their speed of installation and low capital costs which can quickly reduce running costs. Ground source heat pumps are more suited to new build or major refurbishment projects due to the significant ground works required.

Dimplex has ranges of Air source or Ground source heat pumps which offer heating and/or cooling. The heat pumps are of mono-bloc construction which uses water as a transfer medium. This gives an advantage over VRF systems for properties such shops that have relatively small plant rooms which would limit the size of the VRF refrigeration loops due to the practical limit in the event of a refrigerant leak.

For larger buildings that require more than one heat pump, Dimplex offers the Master controller. The master controller not only manages the heat pumps within the system, it also ensures even compressor run times, ensuring longevity of the heat pump. 

As well as a space heating demand, offices specifically, have high hot water demand that can easily be served solely by a high temperature heat pump, or the heat pump can work as part of a bivalent system to pre-heat the water which is topped up by a boiler.

At Dimplex, we recognise that designers of heat pump systems want all the information available easily accessible. To assist the design process, the technical team are on hand to point you in the right direction. Whether it is to discuss the feasibility of the installation or select the most suitable product the technical team are just a call away. If you submit plans or know the heat loss the technical team can also specify the correct components for an efficient system. 

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