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Portable electric heating appliances to complete any office project

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With open plan design, poor insulation and constant movement of people, office premises can be notoriously difficult to heat. To balance hot or cold spots within an office, portable electric heating and cooling products can help keep staff and visiting guests comfortable, whilst being a cost-effective to run addition to whole building systems.

Dimplex offers a portfolio of innovative, versatile, reliable, cost effective and safe supplementary electric heating and cooling appliances with comprehensive customer support. Available in many different types with a wide range of innovative features and a broad choice of colours and finishes, it is important that you specify the correct product for your office requirements. 


Oil-free radiators

A unique eco-friendly oil-free technology providing rapid warm-up and high efficiency output.

Tougher and lighter than traditional oil-filled radiators, Dimplex oil-free radiators come in a choice of easy to move models that provide a comfortable mix of radiant and convected heat. Selected models feature Electronic Climate Control for improved efficiency and reduced running costs. Ideal for warming smaller storage rooms, staff rooms and offices.  

Oil-filled radiators

Discover the full range of robust, easy to move or wall mountable conventional oil-filled radiators in panel or column style.  Oil-filled radiators offering a comfortable balance of radiant and convected heat with near silent operation. These are also ideal for warming smaller storage rooms, staff rooms and offices. 

Convector heaters

Designed to heat a room with fast warm up and silent operation, Dimplex convector heaters come in a range of models offering timers, boost controls and a choice of colours. Light and easy to pick up for use when and where needed around the office.

Fan and ceramic heaters

Perfect for instant top-up heating, Dimplex offers a range of stylish and innovatively designed fan and ceramic heaters in a choice of upright and letterbox styles. Light weight, so quick and easy to move around the office, they offer a wide variety of features from Electric Climate Control to an oscillating function and cool blow.

Slimline heaters

With a choice of unique dual warmth function or low wattage output models, Dimplex’s elegant slimline panel heaters are ideal for gentle background, partial or top-up heating.

Multi-purpose heaters

Compact and easy to use, these versatile radiant heaters provide low level localised heating that is perfect for frost protection in storage areas or protecting exposed pipework. They can be used wall mounted or floor standing.