Opti-V offers flexible, fuss-free fires that can be enjoyed all year round

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Opti-V electric flame effect

The most realistic electric flame

Dimplex Opti-V fires use patented design and technology to create a truly realistic fireplace experience. An added audio element of a gently crackling fire and three dimensional LED logs that sporadically spark completes the feel. Opti-V truly redefines the technology of electric fires. And because there is no heat given off, your customers can enjoy the relaxing flame effect all year round.

Opti-V electric flame effect


As there is no heat given off, not only can your clients avoid creating areas which are uncomfortably hot for customers, you also remove any insurance risk associated with deploying real flames on their premises. Opti-V electric fires are a clean, no maintenance alternative to a real fire. 

Sunningdale Opti-V Stove

Design options

Opti-V allows you to offer your customers complete freedom as per their specifications. They can easily be retrofitted to existing buildings without the hassle of expensive building alterations, and as they are electric, they don’t require a flue or pipework, removing any restrictions over placement within a room.

Opti-V Range