EvoRad oil-free radiator

Portable radiators for professional projects

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Dimplex portable radiators are available in two types of technology, either traditional oil-filled variants or patented oil-free versions. They are incredibly durable and, unlike fan heaters or convectors, offer a combination of both convected and radiant heat making them suitable to heat rooms and they can also act as a personal, portable form of heating. These portable radiators offer multiple uses and multiple solutions to your client’s needs.

Oil-free radiators

Our unique patented eco-friendly oil-free technology provides class leading rapid warm-up and energy efficiency when compared to more conventional oil-filled radiator products. They come if a choice of three principle ranges that offer different designs and control options to meet all needs. Selected models feature electronic climate control and can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth from your smartphone. All our oil-free radiators come with either a three year or five-year guarantee. 

Oil-filled radiators

Our range comes in two principal designs either in a traditional column or our classic oil panel design.  The oil panel is an ideal solution for unobtrusive wall mounting.  As with our oil-free radiators they are near silent in operation.

If you are looking for a fitted, rather than portable electric radiator please refer to our installed product sections on Q-Rad and SmartRad.