A-Class Heat Pump

Heat pumps for private residential installation

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Whether you are working for an individual homeowner or a developer, the heating system in any private home must be matched to the lifestyle of the user to ensure it is cost-effective and fit for purpose. Dimplex combines a portfolio of innovative, future-proof heat pump solutions with unrivalled knowledge and comprehensive customer support, to guide you through the specification and installation stages.

With the widest range of heat pumps in the UK, no matter what your customer’s choice of energy source (air or ground), there will be a solution in the Dimplex range ideally suited to their needs.


Our heat pumps can be combined with a wide number of fully compatible system accessories, including buffer tanks and domestic hot water systems to provide complete flexibility in terms of system design.

To simplify specification and installation, a number of our heat pumps are also offered in packages which include heat-pump ready cylinders and/or buffer tanks, and all the components required to install a standard domestic system.


The Dimplex ethos is always to aim for the highest level of system efficiency, with our heat pumps designed to minimise energy use – no matter what the temperature or operating conditions.


The comprehensive Dimplex heat pump manager provides complete system control over multiple heating and hot water circuits and, where needed, cooling functions. Self-explanatory display text provides simple operation.