Quantum off-peak heater

Storage Heaters For Private Home Owners

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Whether you are working for an individual homeowner or a developer, the heating system in any private home must be matched to the lifestyle of the user to ensure it is cost-effective and fit for purpose.

Dimplex combines a portfolio of innovative, future-proof heating solutions with unrivalled knowledge and comprehensive customer support, to guide you through the specification and installation stages.

Off-peak heaters, such as Quantum and storage heaters, are electric heaters designed specifically to operate using cheaper, off-peak electricity and, as the name implies, to store heat.

 There are three types of heater, each offering different levels of comfort control:

1) Smart fan-assisted models (Quantum)

2) Combination models

3) Automatic models

Off-peak electricity is supplied from the national grid to the private home, usually overnight when demand for electricity nationally is low. This is called the ‘off-peak’ period

Because it’s off peak, it’s supplied at a cheaper price than standard rate electricity, so it needs a separate off-peak electrical circuit and meter. This circuit is dedicated to operating the off-peak heaters and is only switched on during the off-peak time period. This will take place at certain times of the day or night, and will be dictated by the electricity supplier.

Electricity is used to heat elements in the heater. Over a number of hours, the elements gradually transfer the heat to a very high-density material that absorbs and stores the heat for use the next day. The off-peak heaters use state-of-the art insulation material to retain as much of this heat for as long as possible.

When the off-peak period finishes, for the majority of off-peak heaters, the heat is gradually released into the room in a controlled way over the course of the day.

In the case of smart fan-assisted models (Quantum) almost all of the heat is retained until it is required.