TDTR Towel Rail

Towel rails for private homes

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Whether you are working for an individual homeowner or a developer, the heating system in any private home must be matched to the lifestyle of the user to ensure it is cost-effective and fit for purpose. But with so much choice available, how do you ensure you are installing the correct electric heating and air products?

Correct application of electrical heating in the bathroom is not only important, but carries important safety concerns. As a damp or wet environment it requires specified products designed to meet the needs of the bathroom, and should be professionally installed.

Towel Rails are designed to provide warm, dry towels all year round. Dependent on the output of the towel rail and the size of the room, selected models will also provide background or full heat.

Dimplex combines a portfolio of innovative, future-proof towel rails with unrivalled knowledge and comprehensive customer support; to guide you through the specification and installation stages.