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Retirement and assisted living

Reliable, efficient and space saving HVAC solutions with user-friendly controls meet the communal requirements for retirement and assisted living accommodation

Retirement and assisted living
Retirement and assisted living
Retirement and assisted living

We have a range of technologies designed to suit the specific requirements of new and retrofit retirement and assisted living accommodation projects. Our energy efficient and low footprint solutions can provide low carbon space and water heating, ventilation and cooling which maximise occupant comfort and reduce operational costs.


Zeroth Energy System

The Zeroth Energy System is designed to deliver low carbon heating, cooling and hot water efficiently in larger residential developments. An in-apartment water-to-water heat pump integrated with a hot water cylinder is connected to a central ambient loop, maintained by a selection of renewable plant options. The solution is space-saving and operates with lower service noise than comparable solutions on the market. The system can be connected to a renewable central plant and uses the same infrastructure for all services, freeing a considerable amount of space in the plant room and the building

Edel Hot Water Heat Pump

The Edel hot water heat pump is a highly efficient technology for delivery of low carbon hot water for both new and retrofit communal living developments. The air source heat pump collects energy from ducted external air and converts it into heat that is then transferred into the hot water cylinder. The compact solution has low spatial requirements and is easy to install. The quiet operation and wireless intelligent controls offer maximum user control and comfort.

Direct Acting Panel Heating

Our energy efficient direct acting panel heaters are a cost effective and compliant solution that are easy to install in both new and refurbishment projects. The technology has low space requirements that reduce the need for large plans and multiple services into a building. This is ideal for projects that need to maximise the available footprint of the building and provide aesthetically pleasing and comfortable living space for the occupants. Direct acting panel heaters are available in a range of designs to suit the aesthetics of the project. Easy to use electronic controls provide the end user with the convenience of setting their own comfort levels and the ability to overview their energy usage, and all ranges are maintenance free.

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery is a balanced ventilation system that utilises heat recovery to maximise energy efficiency. The sophisticated system combines continuous supply and extract ventilation in one unit and is ideal for larger modern developments with low permeability. The system ensures adequate air quality for the occupiers and can be designed to the individual project requirements.


From specification through to product design and installation training, we offer end-to-end service and support. We also provide bespoke services such as witness testing for project specific fan coil systems.

Site Surveys

We can assist with a site survey to establish the most effective approach to fitting an HVAC system, or parts of a system, that reflect the needs of your project

Specification Support

Our team of industry specialists work with retirement and assisted living developers and can help with all aspects of the specification. We have extensive experience in delivering project specific solutions to a range of budgets.

Application Design Support

Our Application Design Team can make recommendations on the application of solutions to suit your project requirements. We can help with the system design and sizing to ensure maximum efficiency of the heating, ventilation and cooling solutions, within consideration of regulations and local planning requirements where present.

Training Programs

We offer a wide range of BPEC and non-BPEC training courses to help with a better understanding of our products and can offer extra support for those looking to specify and install them.

Technical Downloads

To find more information on our product ranges or to download spec sheets and BIM files, please visit our Technical Resource page.


Recently, Travelodge plc saw the installation of the Smarter Panel Heater solution across the whole UK estate. To find out more about the project and the benefits of the solution, read our case study.

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For more information on GDHV solutions or to discuss your retirement or assisted living project and any future energy strategies in more detail, contact our HVAC specialist team.