OPH Radiant Heater

Radiant heaters for social housing

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For social housing providers, heating system upgrades are often a balance between meeting budgets and meeting the needs of tenants. They rely on installers to advise on innovative electric heating that can meet both, combining innovative technologies with flexible funding options to keep running costs down and improve comfort across the entire property portfolio.

For zone heating, the Dimplex range of radiant heaters for professional projects includes models for indoor or outdoor use with quartz or ceramic heating technologies.

Dimplex offers a wide range of radiant heating products and services for social housing, giving you the solutions needed to help housing associations and Private Registered Providers meet their objectives.

The benefits

  • Radiant heat passes through the air and heats solid objects making it highly efficient wherever it’s installed
  • No need for expensive pre-heating, these heaters give heat instantly, cutting the cost of heating intermittently used areas
  • Because only the intended occupants are heated, not the air around them, you only pay for the heat you really need, rather than a whole area, or the atmosphere
  • With no moving parts, the Dimplex heaters are silent when operating, making them perfect where noise would
  • By only heating chosen areas, capital costs can be reduced with fewer heaters when compared with other systems