PLX Panel Heater

Installed panel heaters for student accommodation

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As a key part of the private rental sector, student housing creates significant opportunities for installers. But electric heating and air products must be east to operate, cheap to run and matched to the unique lifestyle of tenants if they are to be effective.

With vast experience of the sector, Dimplex offers a wide range of panel heaters, backed the pre-sales and after sales support you would expect from a market leader.

The Dimplex Panel Heaters use convection to heat a space up quickly, maximising operational ability with a range of controls that allows the user to time their heating in line with their occupancy.  Low inertia ensures rooms heat up rapidly to match the occupancy patterns of the household, and accurate thermostats avoid room temperature ‘drift’ meaning the room can then be accurately held at the temperature required for the duration of occupancy, creating a comfortable environment.