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Radiant heaters for student housing

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As a key part of the private rental sector, student housing creates significant opportunities for installers. But electric heating and air products must be east to operate, cheap to run and matched to the unique lifestyle of tenants if they are to be effective. When providing suitable outdoor heating for external spaces, Dimplex all-weather outdoor radiant heaters are the ideal solution. Simple to install and safe to use, they are one of the most effective solutions currently available.

Transmitting harmless infra-red radiant energy that turns into heat only when it comes into contact with a solid object , such as people,  you do not have to heat the atmosphere or suffer heat being blown away in the wind – unlike outdoor gas heaters.

Dimplex offer a range of electric outdoor heaters that are easy to install and need no regular maintenance and provide heat at the flick of a switch –making them the ideal hassle free, ‘fit and forget’, outdoor heating solution.