TDTR Towel Rail

Towel rails for student accommodation

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As a key part of the private rental sector, student housing creates significant opportunities for installers. But electric heating and air products must be east to operate, cheap to run and matched to the unique lifestyle of tenants if they are to be effective.

Designed to provide warm, dry towels all year round, Dimplex offers a wide range of products and services for student accommodation. Dependent on the output of the Towel Rail and the size of the bathrooms, selected models can also provide background or full heat to help you meet the unique demands of the student sector with confidence.

The benefits of Dimplex Towel Rails

Flexibility - with a wet system, there are often limitations placed on output of the radiator because of the size of the boiler. Being electric, our towel rails are not confined by availability of pipework, providing greater flexibility on location within the room.

Space saving - Dimplex slimline Towel Rails bathroom heaters come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit your project.

Ideal for refurbishment work - As Dimplex Towel Rails can operate completely independently, there is no need to worry about disturbing the existing system which is not only more convenient, but saves time and money.

Quick & easy to install – Because Towel Rails simply require a connection to the electrical circuit, they can be installed in a matter of minutes at the second fix wiring stage.

Dual fuel options - Selected Towel Rails have a dual fuel option which means they can be connected to a wet system and operate as part of this system during the winter, but can operate independently in the summer to ensure warm, dry towels all year round.

Fast warm up - Most of the products will dry towels, or provide heat much faster than wet filled equivalents.