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Staying on Target

Combining nearly zero energy buildings and low carbon HVAC solutions

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The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) sets a target for all new buildings within member states to be Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) by the 31st December 2020. NZEBs are measured in primary energy – a different metric to the UK’s carbon emissions approach, necessitating that the UK Government review how new developments achieve compliance.

With the 2020 deadline approaching fast, Government is likely to use the update to Approved Documents L and F to implement this change, changing the requirements of building specifiers from carbon emission savings to a format that includes primary energy.

Using the draft SAP 10 methodology and software, Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation has created a report which looks at the possible implications this transition may have on HVAC specification within new developments.

The results from this study, combined with the legally-binding environmental targets and known industry strategies have been used to give recommendations on how this change in building compliance could best be approached, and the questions we’ll need to answer.


‘The energy performance of a building shall be expressed by a numeric indicator of primary energy use in kWh/(m2.y) for the purpose of both energy performance certification and compliance with minimum energy performance requirements’.

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2018, Annex 1.1


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