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Water Cylinders for Professional Projects

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Electric water heating is an efficient method of heating water directly with electric immersion, reducing energy losses that can be experienced from pipework, and circulating pumps.  

See the product information below to see which is the most approriate water cylinder for your project:

Quantum Water Cylinder

The Quantum water cylinder is the world’s most-advanced direct-electric water cylinder, using off-peak electricity to deliver reliable, cost-effective hot water. Working directly from the mains supply of water to ensure mains pressure from all outlets in the home.

Quantum Water cylinders enable better planning of water usage thanks to the market leading controls, which tell users at a glance how much hot water is available to use. Designed and developed by our own in-house team of experts, the Quantum cylinder is the ideal partner to the Quantum space heater for a complete heating and hot water system, or as a standalone hot water system for the electrically heated home.

Quantum Slim Cylinder Range

Combining innovative controls for unprecedented management of electrically heated homes with a slimmer design, Quantum Slim cylinders are ideally suited for properties where space is limited.

With the latest in electric heating technology and heat retention capability, they ensure that the correct amount of water is stored to accommodate the needs of the household, whilst using the minimum amount of energy.

EC-EAU Stainless Steel unvented Cylinders

The EC-Eau™ range of unvented stainless steel cylinders from Dimplex can supply all the hot water required for the modern home, providing rapid fill baths and invigorating showers to en-suite bathrooms and other domestic appliances simultaneously.

With both standard unvented indirect and direct models and models designed specifically to work with renewable energy sources, there is an EC-Eau cylinder suitable for every application. Offering low running costs, reliable hot water and fantastic flow rates, EC-Eau cylinders are available in a range of capacities, so there is a size to suit even the most demanding household.

The extensive EC-Eau range of unvented hot water cylinders, provide efficient and economical, hot water delivery throughout the home. Ensuring mains pressure hot water for fast filling baths, powerful showers and constant water pressure, even when the washing machine is in use.

EC-Eau cylinders can be sited in any suitable location and on any floor of the building offering flexibility in installation as well as plentiful, powerful hot water to multiple points around the building simultaneously.

Unvented Stainless Steel Cylinders For Heat Pumps

Dimplex EC-Eau heat pump cylinders are designed to operate seamlessly with heat pumps to provide and efficient an environmentally friendly way of supplying domestic hot water. Employing a large surface area heat exchanger, EC-Eau heat pump cylinders maximise the transfer of heat generated from renewable energy to the stored water, optimising heat pump efficiency and reducing running costs. Suitable for use with a wide range of heat pumps and the ideal partner to Dimplex heat pumps, EC-Eau heat pump cylinders are available in capacities from 150 to 300 litres with models also available with combined buffer tank, able to serve most domestic hot water demands.

Environmental sensitivity and efficient performance are key attributes across the EC-Eau range, which boasts 60mm of low GWP insulation foam and innovative measures such as recessed immersions and thermostats to reduce energy wastage. This combined with the use of 100% recyclable stainless steel inner components and a sleek black, hard wearing outer shell - manufactured from completely recycled materials, ensures the EC-Eau range looks as good as it performs.

Edel Hot Water Heat Pumps

The Edel hot water heat pumps are lower carbon alternatives to electric immersion heaters that make it easier to capitalise on the benefits of electric heating for smaller properties that have to pass Building Regulations.

The hot water heat pump uses an integrated high-performance compressor to extract energy for hot water production from the external air using insulated duct work. Using up to three times less electricity than direct acting water heaters, it provides an energy efficient hot water solution for smaller, electrically heated properties such as apartments.

Domestic hot water heat pumps – already a proven technology in France and other EU countries – can significantly reduce the dwelling emission rate compared to a direct electric cylinder. Suitable for new build properties and cylinder upgrade projects, Dimplex’s hot water heat pump comes in a compact design  with a high-performance rotary compressor mounted on anti-vibration pads, all designed to keep noise to a minimum.

The Dimplex EDL hot water heat pump is available in two sizes, 200L and 270L, and is approved for use in the UK under Building Regulations Part G3 unvented hot water storage systems.

The stainless steel cylinder also comes with a five-year guarantee, backed by the service excellence and rigorous product testing that comes as standard with all Dimplex installed heating products.