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Reclaim control of your electric heating

Quantum is the world’s most advanced off-peak heater – designed, developed and manufactured in the UK by Dimplex - using low-cost, off-peak energy, makes it the most economical electric heating system on the market today. Its sleek, modern, slimline design is compact enough for any sized room and can be installed as a standalone heater or part of a system in multiple rooms. State-of-the-art Quantum intelligently adapts to match climatic conditions and your lifestyle, delivering heat only when it is needed. Quantum is the perfect replacement for your old, outdated storage heater. An award-winning off-peak heater that totally transforms your heating and your home...

Intelligent heating

With exceptional levels of insulation, Quantum stores energy up during periods of low demand, turning it into efficient heat only when needed. The intelligent built-in IQ controller intuitively and precisely responds to changing weather conditions and your heating requirements to maintain your ideal room temperature. So you can relax knowing you can enjoy your perfect room temperature – all without lifting a finger. You can also pre-set your heating requirements – just like central heating – or, if required, make manual adjustments with Quantum’s easy-to-read LCD display and user-friendly low torque rotary control for instant heat when you need it – day or night. There’s a seven-day programmer with three adjustable preset timer profiles, a ‘Holiday’ mode, landlord setting, child lock and more. A soft start fan ensures the heat is released into the room unobtrusively, quickly and efficiently. In fact, Quantum can heat a room faster than any other central heating system.

Economical heating

Calculated using SAP 2012 – the only Government approved energy performance assessment method – Quantum, when using an E7 tariff, is shown to be up to 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater system and up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system. All because of its efficient use of low-cost, off-peak energy.

Safe heating

Quantum is the product of nearly 70 years of heating experience, from Dimplex’s own in-house research, development, design and manufacturing facilities in the UK and is BEAB Approved – the highest safety standard achievable in the UK. This means you can enjoy a wonderfully warm home and sleep soundly knowing Quantum is designed to be extremely reliable and maintenance free. However, for additional peace of mind, we give you a 10-year warranty as standard. Terms and conditions [Link] apply and the product must have been installed in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Quantum in your home

To ensure you get the most effective, cost-efficient Quantum system for your home, Dimplex can arrange for one of its approved installer partners to carry out a free, no-obligation 30 minute survey. The installer can then answer any questions you may have about the system options and Dimplex will provide a detailed quote for the supply and installation of your heater(s).

Quantum at a glance

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