Staying comfortable with Dimplex

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As we head towards winter, now is a good time to think about making your home cosier and being prepared for any issues arising from cold or damp weather such as cold spots in the home or the build-up of moisture.


As this current spell of wet and windy weather seems likely to remain, have you started to struggle to get washing dry outside and been hanging it indoors, or noticed condensation starting to appear on windows as you now keep your windows shut. All this excess water needs to go somewhere and if not careful could result in damp, mould and mildew building up. A portable dehumidifier is an ideal solution to combat these issues.

Electric Fires

Does your household have that annual debate on when to put the heating on – or not? At this time of year some days can be quite cold, but others are warm, and no two days seem to be the same. An electric fire could be part of the solution as it can be switched on in flame only setting – creating that feel of cosiness but without any heat or generating up to 2kW of heat. There’s a great choice available now across a wide range of designs and budgets.


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