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See Dimplex SmartRad at Gibbs & Dandy, Luton

Gibbs and Dandy

The SmartRad range of fan-assisted radiators by Dimplex, a Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation brand, sets new standards for the way we think about our heating. It is fast and responsive, with accurate room by room control, a choice of styles and is designed specifically to work with modern, renewable heating systems such as heat pumps.

Now electrical contractors and renewables installers in Bedfordshire and neighbouring counties can see the SmartRad range as part of a new Eco Home display in Gibbs & Dandy, Luton.

Smartrad installation

The smart choice for heat pumps

The Eco Home concept from Gibbs & Dandy shows off the best of the renewable and carbon efficient technologies available over the trade counter, including windows, timber frames and insulation.

Heating is provided via the Dimplex SmartRad, which is available in four sizes with either a metal or glass fronted design. It offers a practical, cost effective alternative to underfloor heating without the constraints associated with oversized radiators.

Containing only 5% of the water volume of a conventional steel radiator, SmartRad has been specifically developed to provide excellent levels of heating at the low water temperatures which are normally associated with underfloor heating – typically around 40°. This helps to maximise the Co-efficient of Performance (CoP) of a heat pump, as well as reducing running costs and household CO2 emissions.

Andrew Brett; Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Manager, from Gibbs & Dandy, said: “The Eco Home concept in our Luton branch is a new way to showcase the potential of renewable technologies to our trade customers, so that they can do the same to their own customers.

“These technologies offer lower running costs, a more sustainable build and can help meet planning regulations. The Dimplex SmartRad range plays a big part in this whole-house solution and with the continued growth of renewable heating, it’s only right to demonstrate how the SmartRad range can support the efficiency of heat pumps.”

Want to see for yourself?

Visit Gibbs & Dandy at 226 Dallow Road, Luton LU1 1YB or visit the product page on this site.