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Electric Heating For Small Factories And Light Industry

Small businesses need to be fleet of foot and that means ensuring staff are warm and comfortable from the offices to the workshop or factory floor. Selecting the right heating systems and appliances leads to contented employees who work harder and happy customers who feel welcomed on your premises.

End Those Loading Bay Woes, Bid Farewell To Cold Factory Floors 

Loading bays are critical to small businesses that depend on shipping materials in and product out, but can quickly become cold harsh working environments that leach heat from the wider building.      

Dimplex offers a wide range of commercial wall fan convectors and radiant heaters to warm open work areas, such as factory floors and storage facilities. The Air Curtains range can provide an invisible barrier of air to separate the internal from the external environment and prevent warm (or cooled) air escaping from open loading docks.

Dimplex’s CAB and DAB ranges, for example, are modular, enabling them to be linked together to completely cover larger doorways, and also offer the flexibility of recessed or surface mounted installation from a single model. They are also building control system (BMS) compatible, for a greater level of energy management and reduced running costs.