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A Warm Shopping Experience - Electric Heating For Small Shops

If you are responsible for your shop’s heating requirements you know that choosing the right system can be critical. As well as minimum hassle for you, contented employees work harder and contented visitors will hopefully return to the premises concerned

No more draughty doorways

Doorways can be one of the biggest challenges for shops, with people coming and going and doors left open to welcome customers. Dimplex offers a wide range of Air Curtains, starting with single door solutions, that provide an invisible curtain of air to separate the internal from the external environment and prevent warm (or cooled) air escaping.

Dimplex’s CAB and DAB ranges, for example, are modular, enabling them to be linked together to completely cover larger doorways, and also offer the flexibility of recessed or surface mounted installation from a single model. They are also building control system (BMS) compatible, for a greater level of energy management and reduced running costs.

No Need To Shop Around - All your electrical heating needs in one place 

Dimplex provides a wide range of commercial products suitable for the smaller retail property, providing warmth to public and storage spaces with storage heaters, wall fan convectors and warm air heating systems. For outside, patio areas there are radiant heaters, and towel rails for customer lavatories. Dimplex also offers a range of Low surface Temperature (LST) Heaters that provide an additional safety option if you expect to have young children or the elderly visiting your store.