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A student’s guide to portable heating

Dimplex DDF250 Desk Friend

It’s that time of year again. A massive amount of young adults are taking the huge step of moving away from home and going to university. And with all the hard work, new friends and new found independence come all the horrors of adulthood: weekly food shops, chores, and of course, bills. Of all the stereotypes that surround student living, there is one that always seems to ring true: many students refrain from setting their heating systems to an adequate temperature in an effort to save money. This is where the use of a portable heater as a supplementary heating source is ideal. Whether you require a personal sized fan heater or a portable radiator, Dimplex offers a range of options that will provide you with an easy way to supplement the heating in even the coldest of student accommodation. As well as this, most Dimplex products come with a 3-5 year warranty, meaning your products will be covered throughout your student life.

The Dimplex Desk Friend is a personal fan heater, ideal for use when sitting at a desk studying. It features thermostat controls and a USB port to charge smartphones or tablets, and its compact design ensures it can unobtrusively sit on your desk. It is fitted with safety features that prevent overheating and is perfect for giving you a personal boost of heat.

The Eco Chico mini Oil-free radiator is ideal for use in compact spaces. It features unique, patented Oil-free technology which offers a 30% faster warm-up and 25% energy savings, as well as a thermostatic control with frost protection. This heater is ideal for supplementary heating in small student bedrooms.

If your space is more substantial and you need an affordable portable heater in your student bedroom or living spaces, then consider looking into the Dimplex Essentials range. Available exclusively at Argos, this range of products contains a fan heater, a convector heater and two sizes of oil-filled radiators, all with thermostatic controls and all portable, meaning you can move them easily from room to room. This range was designed with affordability and performance in mind, making them perfect for student living.

University living does not have to mean a lack of home comfort. No matter if you’re living in a shared house, renting a room or an entire flat, Dimplex has the portable heating you need to supplement your heating, keeping you cosy and comfortable throughout autumn and winter.