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Top five tips for staying cosy this Autumn

Cosy warm lounge with book

The clocks have changed and we’re back to adjusting to dark, cold evenings and battling the winter weather. Dimplex are here to help you tackle the winter blues with five easy tips that will keep your home cosy and comforting this Autumn and through the coming Winter months.

1. Soften your environment

It doesn’t take much for you to transform your personal space into a tranquil, stress-free zone. Soften the room with some blankets and throws and then invest in new loungewear to relax in in front of the fire. Small home comforts like this will help you instantly unwind after a long day.


2. Keep it simple

If you find you just can’t relax in your living space, it could be that clutter is to blame. Clearing away old, unused items and ridding surfaces of unloved trinkets will instantly revamp your space. Make sure to only keep useful items or those that have a special meaning, this will keep your space feeling clean and simple.

3. Enjoy ambiance

Injecting ambiance into your home is easy with the help of mood lighting. Use lamps instead of ceiling lights in the evenings and enjoy the instant, relaxing dancing flames of an electric fire with our range of Optimyst fires.

Grand Rouge Stove

4. Experience aromatherapy

Filling your home with warming scents such as clementine and cloves will instantly add a cosy, winter vibe to your home. Light candles or use an aroma diffuser to gently fragrance the air and give a relaxing treat to the senses.

5. Set your timers

Setting your lamps on timers is a great way to make your home feel warm and inviting on a cold winter evening, and make sure that your home is cosy exactly when you need it by resetting the times on your portable and installed Dimplex heaters. Take a look at the product instructions to see how to do this. If you have a Lot20 compliant installed heater which has Daylight Savings Time enabled, then you don’t need to worry as this will automatically update.