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Using heat pumps to pass planning and building regulations

Edel Hot Water Heat Pump Solus

Our latest CPD, ‘How do heat pumps help to pass planning and building regulations?’ is a perfect introduction for those who have to balance competing requirements for new buildings. The CPD provides an understanding of current planning and building regulations (with examples from SBEM and BREEAM), the software used to meet these regulations and the ability to specify heat pumps to help meet these requirements.

The presentation also covers the impact of the non-domestic RHI scheme and the Energy Labelling directive that allows designers and consumers to understand the energy efficiency of heat pumps at a glance.

The CPD clearly defines how heat pumps can be an effective way of meeting the latest planning and building regulations, and at Dimplex we continue to develop our range of heat pump products to support this. The recently launched Edel hot water heat pump cylinder forms a key element in delivering low CAPEX, easy to install and attractive heating systems. By extracting heat from external air and using it to heat water with such high efficiency, Edel is able to significantly reduce dwelling emissions in SAP, making it possible to pass Part L building regulations when used with many types of heating systems, including electric space heating.

Attendees can complete this heat pump CPD module in their office or at another suitable venue to receive a one hour credit certificate that can be counted towards their annual CPD learning schedule. We also offer a range of further CPD modules including:

• An Introduction to Heat Pump Technology

• Finding the Path to Part L Compliance with Electric Heating

• Hydronic Distribution

• Technical Considerations for Ground Collectors

• Smart Electric Thermal Storage

In addition to new CPDs and products, our free design and specification support team - drawing on many years’ experience in specifying electric and renewable heating, hot water and ventilation solutions - can aid in selecting the right product from our range to help gain compliance for new buildings that are low carbon, low CAPEX and low OPEX.

If you would like to learn more about Dimplex CPDs or would like to make use of our free design service support on a project that you are working on then please contact

By Matt Maskell, applications design engineer for Dimplex