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Warm your personal workspace with the Dimplex Desk Friend

Dimplex DDF250 Desk Friend

No need for extra jumpers and gloves at your computer this winter with the Dimplex DDF250 Desk Friend, a compact, highly portable personal ceramic heater. Without cluttering up your desk space, the Desk Friend ensures you can work comfortably even if the rest of the office feels too cold.

Desk Friend is safe and easy to operate, with a personally comfortable 250 watt single setting for an instant top-up of warmth. The heater also offers a standby thermostat to maintain your desk’s temperature. Should the Desk Friend be accidentally knocked over it automatically switches itself off.

The Desk Friend also incorporates a handy USB charging port compatible with both smartphones and tablets, ensuring they remain topped up, even during the most demanding of working days. 

Nick Paul, product marketing manager portables for Dimplex said: “The Desk Friend is a neat little answer for those who find themselves working in the office cold spot or being blasted by the Air Conditioning. Now you can regain control of the office heating and keep your personal workspace warm.”

M Series– Desk Friend DDF250 Ceramic Heater

Key features:

250w Heat Output

Standby thermostat

Low energy


Safety cut-out

USB charging port for smartphones & tablets

CE & BEAB approved



H: 164mm W: 120mm D: 121mm Weight: 0.7kg