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Addressing Part L compliance: water heating

Part L and Dimplex

The Dimplex ranges of Hot Water Heat pumps allow you to more easily meet the building regulations for energy efficiency and lower emissions: contributing towards our Zero Carbon future. The use of these products helps Specifiers and installers meet Part L requirements for both new and current projects.

EDEL hot water pump

Dimplex recognises that hot water has become the dominant electric load in modern dwellings, therefore a significant amount of energy/carbon emissions can be saved from hot water production. Although they will not be ideal for every situation, they can provide an ideal solution in certain circumstances.

Due to their high efficiency, hot water heat pumps help pass building regulations for new builds and improve the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating for existing properties, potentially moving it up a band and making it easier to pass Part L with electric heating without using PV panels.

Dimplex are pioneering the combination of hot water heat pumps that achieve the required DER with electric heating. By default, SAP only gives Hot Water heat pumps an efficiency of 170%, whereas the actual performance measured to the European standard is much higher meaning. Dimplex’s has listed the Edel on the BRE’s Product Characteristics Database meaning the true performance of is now recognised. For example, the 270L cylinder in a typical 2 bed new build flat with electric heating would have a DER of 30.19, but now with the full recognition in SAP the DER reduces to 22.24 enabling savings to be made elsewhere on the building.