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Air Purification

Dimplex air purifiers reduce allergens and odours, as well as neutralizing any harmful impurities in the air. They work by drawing air from the room and passing it through an active carbon or combined carbon and HEPA filtration system - removing dust particles, pet dander and pollen out of the atmosphere.

Dimplex air purifiers offer modern design and portability for easy deployment wherever needed in the home, improving the air quality where you live and breathe.

Air purifier with HEPA filter and ioniser

Capturing particles such as dust and pet dander, as well as odours such as cigarette smoke, this purifier features a HEPA filter and ioniser to help provide cleaner air for you and your family.

Air purifier with HEPA filter and ioniser

This Dimplex air purifier has been designed to reduce the presence of polluting agents such as dust, cigarette smoke, spores, bacteria, pollen, dust mite residues and pet dander. The HEPA and Viro3 filter retains up to 99.97% of polluting particles as well as neutralising harmful impurities in the air.