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Air Purification

Reduce allergens, odours and neutralise harmful impurities in the air all in one go with the Dimplex Air Purification.

Dimplex air purification offers genuine HEPA filters, active carbon filters & Viro³ technology.

Drawing air from the room through combined carbon and HEPA filtration system, Dimplex air purification is able to remove dust particles, pollen and pet dander out of the atmosphere.

Viro³ plasma generator technology traps, attacks and neutralises those harmful impurities carried in the air by producing negative ions, enriching and replicating that feeling of natural clean air found near waterfalls or on beaches.

Carbon pre- filters remove odours, bringing a breath of freshened air into any home.

Dimplex Air Purifiers offer modern design and portability for easy deployment where needed most around the house, improving the air quality where you live and breathe.

Why use air treatment in your home?

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