Dimplex Air treatment
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Air treatment

Air quality is important for family health. When the air becomes too dry or too moist it can become unpleasant, and for some people, threaten their health. Our range of air treatment products ensure that the air quality in your home or workplace is comfortable and safe for your lifestyle and needs.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers

Dimplex air purifiers work by drawing air from the room and filtering it. They remove dust, pollen and pet dander out of the atmosphere, trapping and neutralising any harmful impurities and filling your room with natural, fresh, clean air. Our portable air purifiers are perfect for improving the air quality anywhere in the home or workplace.

Aroma diffuser

Aroma diffusers

The Dimplex Electronic Aroma Diffuser can be used to scent the air in your living space with the addition of essential oils. It also adds moisture to air that may have been dried out by heating systems. Aroma diffusers ensure that the air you breathe is comfortable whilst refreshing your room with aromatic fragrance.

Cooling fans


Cooling fans work by recirculating the air within a room and passing it through a moistened fan blade to cool your space. They are a cost effective and efficient way of ensuring comfort in your home during the warmer months.



Excessive moisture can cause a whole host of issues in the home, encouraging unhealthy bacteria and mould as well as dust mites which can threaten your health. Dimplex dehumidifiers ensure that the air quality is optimised for your lifestyle and needs, reducing musty smells and spores as well as preventing bacteria and mould growth.