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Convector heaters

Designed to heat a room with rapid warm up and virtually silent operation Dimplex convector heaters are ideally suited for heating large spaces such as living rooms and conservatories.  They are unobtrusive and easy to position and are designed to be operated either freestanding or can also be wall mounted. 

They come in a choice of 3 designs, the 40 Series (which is available in the widest choice of control options from timers to Bluetooth control), the Contrast range with attractive two tone colour scheme or the Latitude convector which is a low-level heater that can be mounted on dwarf walls.

If you are on a budget the ‘Essentials Convector’ is our most cost-effective offering.  However, if you are after more advanced controls then look at the models that offer built in timers (both electromechanical or digital), turbo fans for more rapid heat distribution or even an app controlled Bluetooth model.

The 40 Series and Contrast range come in a choice of 2kW heat output ideal for small to medium sized rooms or 3kW heat output for larger spaces.

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