Keeping cool is a breeze

Cooling fans work by recirculating the air within a room and passing it through a motorised fan blade. They are cost efficient due to their low wattage, easy to operate and ensure comfort in your home during the warmer months. The smart, sleek designs of the Dimplex cooling range means these fans will slip effortlessly into any room, be it the home or the office, making the perfect addition wherever you are.

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Ion Fresh Cooling Fan

The Ion Fresh is a stylish premium fan that cools as well as providing you with fresher air. The modern brushed copper finish makes for an elegant statement in many interiors, and this fan is packed with features for optimum use.

Feature rich

The Ion Fresh Cooling fan is packed with features such as a 12 hour runback timer, three wind modes for maximum comfort in all situations and motorised 78 degree oscillation.

Cooler fresher air

As well as cooling you down, the Ion Fresh features a built-in ioniser mode that discharges negative ions. These attach to positive ions such as dust which drop to the floor, creating a fresher environment in the room.

All day comfort

This fan features a remote control for easy operation from the comfort of your seat and a room temperature display which can be switched off for night time use. You can also tilt the fan up, directing the fresher air upwards, ideal for when you’re in bed.


360 Turbo 

This compact and impressively powerful cooling fan features full 360 degree oscillation – meaning it will fully rotate, and a 90 degree tilting head for maximum circulation of cool air, letting the whole room feel the benefit. The Dimplex 360 features a premium black finish and a small physical size for easy portability and storage.

Compact yet powerful

This compact fan is only 8 inches in diameter, allowing it to sit discreetly in your room, while the powerful fan can be felt up to 20 meters away under test conditions.

Suitable day or night

As well as three speed settings, the 360 fan has two wind modes, ‘Natural’ which pulses the air to replicate the refreshing breeze you may feel outdoors and ‘Sleep’ mode which varies the speed of the fan to help you cool down as you get to sleep. This fan also features a runback timer and lights that can be turned off, making it suitable for use in your bedroom at night.

Ultimate distribution

You can select between 30, 90, 180 or full 360 degree motorised oscillation, and the fan head can be manually adjusted 90 degrees vertically for direct cooling as you need it.  This is particularly beneficial if you require wall mounted air cooling, where you can distribute the cool air further into the room.


Mont Blanc

The Dimplex Mont Blanc is a sleek, discrete cooling fan with remote control operation. The slim black frame has been designed to subtly slip into your interior, and it features motorised 78 degree oscillation for a wide air cooling distribution

Easy Operation

The clear LED display and remote control allow you to operate the fan from the comfort of your seat for greater ease of use.

Three speed settings

The Mont Blanc features three speed settings for total comfort and control.

8 hour runback timer

The runback timer allows the fan to automatically turn off at a set time within an 8 hour period.