dimplex dehumidifier and laundry


The climate in the UK is highly variable, and these temperature extremes cause many homes to experience high condensation levels, especially during autumn and winter. Moisture levels within the home also increase when we shower or dry our washing indoors - as a result of this, damp, mould and mildew build up to worrying levels. This is where a dehumidifier is an ideal solution. They work by pulling air in and running it past a cooling coil, which in turn removes moisture from the air by reducing the temperature.

Why do you need a dehumidifier?


Damp and condensation

A dehumidifier will noticeably reduce both condensation and damp, as well as preventing them from returning. 


Mould and mildew

Keeping the humidity levels under control will prevent mould, mildew and harmful bacteria from occurring in your home.


Laundry drying

By reducing moisture in the room, dehumidifiers speed up the drying process, so you can enjoy clean and dry clothes sooner.

everdri dehumidifier next to laundry
everdri dehumidifier next to laundry
everdri dehumidifier next to laundry

EverDri Dehumidifiers

The new EverDri range of dehumidifiers from Dimplex gives you the power to take control of humidity in your home, whatever the time of year.