Addressing Part L compliance with Dimplex electrical heating products

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Adhering to Part L compliance with Dimplex heating products enables a house builder to more easily meet government requirements for energy efficiency and lower emissions. This means in the short term that projects can be completed on time. In the longer term, this will help ensure our Zero Carbon future.
quantum storage heater in the living room of a house

The following Dimplex electrical heating products and product ranges are a good starting point for project managers and installers who want to ensure they address Part L compliance quickly and easily on current and future projects.

Electric Panel Heaters

Electrical panel heaters are a popular, tried and tested technology offering a wide choice of energy and cost saving features including:

  • Accurate electronic thermostats to ensure the room temperature does not fluctuate and cause over- and under-heating, which increases energy usage
  • Half heat switches – so you can reduce the wattage used, if the output of the heater is greater than the actual requirement
  • 24-hour timers – which can control when the heater switches on and off, allowing you to plan your heating needs in advance
  • Run back timers – which automatically switch off the heater after a set period of time
  • No need for flue runs or boiler condensate pipework
  • No annual maintenance
  • Panel heaters also require lower capital costs and provide design flexibility while supporting faster build speeds


Quantum Heaters

Dimplex Quantum heaters address the high heat retention category within SAP.

Through its exceptional levels of insulation, Quantum is able to store energy during periods of low demand, turning it into efficient heat only when required.

The Quantum iQ controller uses a sophisticated self-learning algorithm to take just the right amount of heat to match the occupants’ lifestyle and the climate conditions, intuitively and precisely.

It is constantly monitoring and learning the users heating habits. It anticipates their needs, adapting and delivering just the right amount of heat for complete comfort. It also follows target room temperature closely, adjusting settings to maintain the required temperature to within +/- 0.3°C.

A soft start fan ensures the heat is released into the room unobtrusively, quickly and efficiently.

Quantum can heat a room faster than any other central heating system.

As the heat outlet is positioned at the base of the heater, the room is heated from floor level, to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency.