Dimplex launches new 2-in-1 heater and cooling fan

on | 1 min read
Dimplex has unveiled a brand new stylish fan that can be switched between hot and cold air for multi-purpose use all year round.
Dimplex Maxair Ceramic hot and cold fan in living room

The sleek Dimplex MaxAir uses ceramic heat and cooling technology to enable you to select either warm or cool air in an instant. The powerful 2.5kW fan can heat up large rooms and its intelligent Eco Heat Mode optimises energy use for ultimate energy efficiency. A smart feature of the MaxAir is its optional statement LED feature lighting strip to show whether warm or cool air is flowing using a blue light in cooling mode and red in heat mode.


Designed to be used all year round, the fan features multiple settings to help achieve your desired temperature quicker, including ‘High Velocity Turbo’ for maximum cooling. The unit also rotates from side to side for improved air distribution,


The product is easy to use with smart and intuitive controls, including remote or Bluetooth using Dimplex’s ‘Remo’ app, which lets you control the unit from your mobile phone. 


The MaxAir is available in a white and silver finish in Argos and black and silver finish in B&Q.