Don’t let switching on your electric heating become a worry

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August - the peak of British summer. Or is it?
quantum storage heater in the living room of a house

Last week a poll from uSwitch showed that one in three households have already turned on their central heating - that’s the equivalent of 8 million homes, and a further 4.6 million say they are seriously considering switching their heating on early. Living in Britain, this can’t come as much of a surprise considering the wet summer we are having, but heating your home earlier than planned can cause huge headaches for many when it comes to budgeting your energy bills. 

With so many people giving into the cold and turning the heating on, what can more than a third of bill payers who are already worrying about the cost of keeping warm over the winter do to address their concerns?

Many energy experts suggest switching providers, which is a perfectly viable solution in the short term; however, there is one thing that is constantly overlooked – upgrading your heating. We redecorate our homes; we regularly replace our televisions, so why do we settle for the same heating appliances that have been chugging away for decades in some cases? It’s all down to a case of being willing to spend to save, and not enough of us give thought to the advantages that could be instantly achieved by replacing old electric storage heaters and panels with the latest cutting edge electrical heating appliances.

Woman smiling holding her energy bills beside Quantum heater from Dimplex

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, the Dimplex Quantum storage heating system is a prime example, using low-cost, off-peak energy to be the most economical off-peak electric heating system on the market. Proven to be up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system, and 27% cheaper to run than a standard storage heater system, the Quantum also uses intelligent technology to only produce heat when you need it, relieving any worries about wasting money on unnecessary household energy. It measures your usage patterns, responds to its environment and requires virtually no maintenance, not to mention coming with a 10-year guarantee as standard.

When the answer to soaring energy bills is this simple, why not click here for a free*, no obligation survey with your local Quantum Installer Partner and see how you can improve your family’s physical and economical comfort this winter.


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