Get a breath of refreshed air with the new Dimplex Brava

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As spring and summer approach, Dimplex is focusing on powerful air treatment with the launch of our latest product, the Brava 4 Stage Air Purifier.
Dimplex DXBRVAP4 - 5 point air purifier infographic

Packing a powerful punch for its compact size, the Brava 4 Stage Air Purifier can help keep you breathing easy and help protect you from hay fever and other respiratory conditions.

Incorporating True HEPA Filtration and Germicidal UV-C Defence Technology to clean the air, the Brava’s 4-stage system provides effective purification for your home.  UV-C is a technology known to help defend against virus and germs, whilst the multi-stage 3-in-1 pre, carbon and True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles including pollen, dust and microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns.  Optimised for use in a medium-sized room (up to 15m²), the Brava can clean the air in a room and improve indoor air quality in around 21 minutes.

DXBRVAP4 Dimplex air purifier in a nursery room

The Brava’s compact size, low weight and range of features setting it apart from other products on the market.  It’s easy to move it from room to room as and when you need, and the modern, subtle design will blend unobtrusively into any space.  It’s also extremely versatile, with a sleep/night mode for quiet operation whilst you sleep, turbo function for when you want to refresh a room as quickly as possible, and a host of other features including a runback timer.

Whether you’re guarding against allergies, looking to remove pollutants, odours, viruses and germs, or simply wanting to refresh your sleeping space, the Brava 4 Stage Air Purifier will bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

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