Spring Clean for a Healthier Happier Home in Spring 2024

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Spring is officially here! Even though it comes with a mixed bag of seasonal weather, one thing is certain: longer days and warmer temperatures are on their way. As the spring flowers bloom, returning some much-needed colour to our parks and public spaces, people often mark the change of the seasons with some spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning has been linked with helping generate a happier and calmer state of mind in a fresh home. Spring cleaning however can lead to dust being disturbed in the home, this combined with the rise of natural airborne allergens like pollen can bring their own issues. Luckily there are many ways to maintain fresh air and a comfortable living environment at home. 

Dimplex 5 Stage Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Did you know that 1 in 5 people suffer from some type of pollen allergy? The last few years have seen a steady rise in pollen counts during the warmer seasons of the year. One way to manage your allergies in the warmer seasons is to invest in an air purifier. Dimplex’s range of air purifiers not only help with managing pollen but also other airborne allergens such as dust and pet dander. Dimplex air purifiers also contain a built-in ioniser to neutralise odours and bacteria. Enjoy fresh air with Dimplex air purifiers. 

Dimplex EverDri Dehumidifier


In social housing, complaints about mould were reported to have doubled in two years according to The Guardian [link]. Increasing temperatures in the spring will certainly help with moisture build up in homes however things such as showering and drying clothes indoors can contribute to adding additional moisture to the interior of a home. One way to combat this is to remove excess moisture with a dehumidifier. The EverDri dehumidifier from Dimplex comes in 3 sizes to match the demands of a range of homes and has a range of user-friendly features to help monitor and control humidity levels in your home. It’s washable pre filter, like the air purifier range, helps catch large dust particles and remove odours from a room. Keep the damp at bay with EverDri from Dimplex. 

Dimplex Ion Fresh Tower Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

In 2022, sales of fans soared due to an unexpected heatwave in the UK. This year, as part of a spring clean season, it could be time to get a new fan ahead of the summer rush. Dimplex’s Ion Fresh  cooling tower fans come with a range of features. It’s built in Ioniser, like an air purifier, helps remove dust from a room helping you enjoy fresher air in your home. It’s built in 12-hour runback timer makes keeping cool and avoiding wasteful energy consumption even more convenient. It’s sleek design also makes it a suitable fit for all types of homes. Enjoy style, convenience and comfort with the Ion Fresh cooling tower fan. 

The act of spring cleaning can be traced back to ancient times. One theory is that it is linked to the Jewish tradition to thoroughly cleanse the home in anticipation of a springtime festival of Passover. Continue this time old tradition by adding a modern twist with Dimplex air treatment  products. Keep your comfort a priority and take a breath of fresh air this spring. 

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