The stylish and compact low surface temperature LSTE panel heater by Dimplex was designed with the requirements of education and healthcare sectors in mind and is suitable for heating public spaces where safety is critical.

LSTE provides rapid and controlled heating whilst maintaining a safe external temperature of no more than 43°C to NHS estates health guidance notes (1998). It is suitable for use in any environment where vulnerable people such as children, those with disabilities, illnesses or the elderly, may be at risk when coming into direct contact with a hot surface. LSTE panel heaters eradicate the need for unsightly protective cages, helping to maximise available space and improve aesthetics and safety.

The LSTE panel heater continually monitors the room temperature and responds to changes in real time. Adaptive Start technology means LSTE knows how long it will take to reach the desired temperature and turns off as this temperature is neared. The unit can also shut off if an open window is detected. This increases energy efficiency whilst ensuring spaces are warm and comfortable.

LSTE panel heaters by Dimplex provide a higher heat output than other comparably sized low surface temperature panel heaters on the market thanks to integrated fan assist technology. The fan helps to rapidly heat the room and quickly responds to temperature changes without compromising safety.

The LSTE panel heater can be controlled by estate and facilities managers via the Dimplex Control app, offering access to a system of other compatible Dimplex products, including PLXE panel heaters, Quantum high heat retention storage heaters and the Edel hot water heat pump. Dimplex Control also allows for streamlined reporting and maintenance, with Radio Frequency Module (RFM) and a Dimplex Control Hub purchased separately.

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