The attractive Q-Rad electric radiator with infrared technology is designed for the highest level of comfort and convenience, delivering natural heat efficiently to homes and businesses in an instant.

Designed and developed by our in-house team of experts the Q-Rad incorporates the most advanced intelligent technologies to give users maximum control over their heating. Its dual element heating technology combines an improved convective element with a far infrared element that delivers radiant heat. This gives the user an experience of heat that feels completely natural, on demand.

The slim design of the Q-Rad matches the Quantum range of high heat retention storage heaters by Dimplex. The perfect product partnership for refurbishment or social housing specification, it delivers a cohesive and stylish look with the benefits of improved energy performance. Flexible installation options and a low weight of just 11kg for the largest model – around a third of the weight of equivalent ceramic and oil-filled radiators – make the fitting of Q-Rad faster and more efficient.

Dubbed ‘the electric radiator with a brain’, Q-Rad has a host of intelligent software functions accessed via an intuitive backlit LCD display and control. Three customisable heating timers, each with four time and temperature settings for each day of the week, provide additional control and flexibility. The Boost function provides instant heat outside of timed heating periods whenever it is needed – day or night.

The improved Away mode maintains a low temperature when a property is empty to help prevent mould or damp and returns to the pre-set heating schedule at the set return date and/or time. Adaptive Start intelligently works out when to start heating to reach the desired target temperature at the required time, whilst Open Window Detection means Q-Rad continually adapts to its environment, minimising wasted energy. 

Q-Rad has an integrated radio frequency module and can be remotely controlled using the Dimplex Control smartphone app when purchased together with the Dimplex Control Hub. This gives the owner or a resident of a modern smart home command of all supported Dimplex products any time, anywhere, via a smart device. All supported electric radiators, panel heaters, high heat retention storage heaters, hot water cylinders and hot water heat pumps can be operated individually, or by zone, and the energy usage of each can be easily tracked. Monitoring and remote diagnostics for heating and hot water are also supported via an app.

Unlike many competitor electric radiators, Q-Rad is BEAB-approved, the UK’s highest safety standard, and is designed to be robust, reliable and maintenance-free. 


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