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With over 70 years of experience in the HVAC industry, our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentations will help you collect accredited hours while giving useful, relevant, and up-to-date information on how to improve how you specify the systems within your buildings. 

Our CPDs are designed to help building professionals understand different HVAC technologies, from project application to potential routes to compliance. All our presenters are trained by GDHV, and have extensive experience within the HVAC industry to better understand your requirements. 

Our CPDs presentations and courses can be delivered at your offices or online, via Microsoft Teams. 

CPD Topics

How smart can electric heating be?

This presentation demonstrates the demand for electric heating products in relation to the many environmental policy changes affecting our industry. It includes the many features and benefits of smart electric products, and their potential uses for meeting environmental the targets of the future. Housing developers, architects, and energy and social housing professionals will gain a valuable insight into understanding this important consideration that should be made when heating buildings.

Finding the path to Part L compliance

This presentation explores some of the potential routes housing developers can take to achieve 2013 Part L compliance with electric heating. It is aimed at housing developers, architects, consultants, engineers, energy professionals, and social housing professionals looking to integrate electric heating into domestic dwellings or those looking to increase their knowledge of electric heating systems. 

Ground source heat pump collectors; evaluating the options

This short CPD course covers the different GSHP collector options available on the market and highlights the technical advantages and limitations of each system. It provides some rules of thumb used within the industry and guidance on where to go when more detailed analysis is required. This CPD is suitable for anyone considering a GSHP project and wants to understand the different collector options available on the market. 

Introduction to heat pump technology

This CPD presentation is an ideal introduction to heat pumps. The presentation covers a wide range of topics. It starts with how they work and the types of applications they are suitable for. The presentation also introduces the main benefits for new build and refurbishment projects. This CPD is suitable for anyone who needs an introduction to heat pump technology. It is aimed at architects, building service engineers and building services professionals.


More topics we cover

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