Product Registration


Multi-tenant property owners such as housing providers, installers, and landlords can register multiple Quantum heaters online. The information from this process will be added to our registration database, offering you an extended warranty period and fast-tracking the information that we could need for future requests. 




We've made registration of your Dimplex product quick and easy


Faster Customer Service

Once you have registered your product, our customer service team will be able quickly access your details when you contact us, allowing them to help you sooner.

Guarantee Management

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email including a summary of your product guarantee, a copy of our terms and conditions and a copy of your proof of purchase (optional).

Product Recall Notification

If your product is registered you will automatically be contacted with applicable safety notifications, or in the unlikely event of a product recall.

All Dimplex products come with at least one-year manufacturer’s guarantee, but we are pleased to offer an extended guarantee on some products* if registered within 28 of purchase/installation.

*List available on request



If you are a housing provider, installers and landlords, you can also register multiple products


Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Review coverage for all registered products and exceptions for applicable ranges.