Product Training


At Dimplex, we offer product training covering a range of key products, including heat pumps and other heat pump technology, fan coils and high heat retention storage heating (HHRSH), to specifiers and installers. Our offering includes BPEC accredited courses and hand on installation training.


We have also invested in a product training portal, Totara, on which we can set up personalised accounts to allow you to access product videos, manuals and further training materials. 

Our product training can be delivered at your choice of location, be it at one of our six UK Training Centres, at a site of your choosing or digitally, where appropriate. We are able to bring all the equipment needed for each course, so can be flexible in our location.


Non-BPEC training

Our non-BPEC training courses are aimed at those who wish to increase their understanding of our solutions, including how they work and how to install them, favouring a hands-on approach. These courses include a mixture of theory and practical applications; however, some can be altered for virtual delivery.

Course Fan coils

Module Number ABILITYOV01 

Description This training course is a complete overview of how fan coils work. It looks at the components and inner workings of a unit, and how they produce heating and cooling for spaces, also touching on the various control options. This course is designed for those wishing to understand fan coils in more detail. 

Duration  2 hours

Course Heat Pump Principles and Servicing

Module Number HP 01

Description This course is designed for anyone who wishes to understand the basic principles of heat pumps alongside technical information on how to service, fault find and repair our Dimplex range. This course is aimed at the more experienced installer wishing to expand their knowledge.

Duration  5 hours

Course Edel Hot Water Heat Pump – An Overview

Module Number EDEL 01

Description Our Edel Hot Water Heat Pump training covers the installation, functionality, set up and warranty associated with our air source heat pump water cylinder. Although principally aimed at installers, we are able to tailor the program to take end users through how to operate and interact with the product within their homes.

Duration  3 hours

Course LST, PLXE and QRAD Panel Heaters

Module Number PHI 01

Description An overview of the LST, PLXE and QRAD panel heaters, including their operation, functionality and control. This course also aims to teach the installation for these products, covering the benefits and process behind employing this heat emitter.

Duration  3 hours

Course Quantum Overview and Installation

Module Number QMT G6

Description A complete overview of the Quantum range, including how to unpack and inspect, as well as install, programme and set up the unit. This course will also cover the new RF Quantum and the changes to both the physical unit and the programming requirements.

Duration  4 hours


Course Quantum Water Cylinders

Module Number QTM CYL 01

Description This course offers a complete overview of the Quantum Cylinder range, including installation, set up, programming the user Interface and identifying the key components. It also touches on legionella control and is aimed at those wishing to install or maintain the units.

Duration  3 hours

Course Ventilation Overview

Module Number VOXP 01

Description An overview of our ventilation product range, including our product selector, fan types, IP ratings and zonings. This also covers installation information, including ducting types and resistance and FAQ`s. This course is suitable for those wishing to understand how to spec and install various mechanical ventilation solutions.

Duration  4 hours


Course Heat Recovery Overview

Module Number HERC 01

Description This course looks at mechanical ventilation units which incorporate heat recovery. This includes the different system types, how they work and their benefits. It also covers completing Building Control requirements and commissioning sheets when applying mechanical ventilation solutions with heat recovery, including what should be tested and which equipment to use to do so.

Duration  3 hours

Course Dimplex Zeroth Training

Module Number ZER 01

Description An overview of the Zeroth Energy System, covering installation and site requirements, alongside how it works, the principles of operation and recognising fault codes. This course is aimed at those installing or maintaining the Zeroth unit.

Duration  3 hours

BPEC training

We are able to offer BPEC accredited courses which, once completed, will award you with a nationally recognised qualification. Depending on the course, our BPEC training often takes one or two days to complete; with further information, including costs and availability, available on request.

Course Domestic Heat Pumps

Module Number BPEC 05

Description The course has been designed to provide experienced heating installers with the skills and knowledge to install air, water and ground source to water heat pumps systems. This course has been designed with the intention of meeting the requirement of the National Occupational Standards.

Duration  Varies

Course Electricity for Plumbers

Module Number BPEC 06

Description Our Electricity for Plumbers courses aim to help plumbers and heating engineers, who work on central heating electrical control systems, to work safely and comply with the appropriate standards. It has been designed with plumbing and heating engineers in mind and is limited to work that will NOT involve working on fixed installation of the property and addresses the following scope of work.

Duration  Varies

Course BPEC Vented and Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems

Module Number BPEC 03

Description This course is for plumbing and heating engineers who want to install domestic hot water storage systems, and wish to join a Competent Persons’ Scheme (allowing the self-certification of installation) or to notify the local Building Control department prior to commencing work. Trainees will require to have or be working towards a recognised trade qualification in order to apply for the course, such as:

  •  NVQ/SNVQ Level 2 or 3 in Plumbing and Heating, or Domestic Heating, which will include Water Regulations, evidence of a number of years’ experience in the plumbing or heating industry and hold a Water Regulations certificate.

Duration  Varies

Course BPEC Safe Isolation of Low Voltage Electrical Installations

Module Number BPEC 04

Description Our Safe Isolation of Low Voltage Electrical Installations course is designed to demonstrate the correct safe isolation of low voltage electrical circuits. Delegates will gain the knowledge and understanding of how to safely isolate electrical systems allowing electrical repairs to be carried out.

Duration  Varies

Course Legionella Risk Assessment and Water Systems Disinfection For Mechanical Services

Module Number BPEC 07

Description The course covers the disinfection of cold-water systems. It is work that can be carried out by competent plumbing operatives with the aim of ensuring attendees leave with the knowledge and skills to undertake the disinfection process.

Duration  Varies

Course BPEC Ventilation Training

Module Number BPEC 01

Description An in depth look at ventilation, legislation, system types, duct types, duct resistance, installation, air flow calculations, commissioning and measuring airflows, calculating airflows and conversion tables. This course is a nationally recognised training course, the course has specific entry criteria and is aimed at people who want to install and commission ventilation systems, the course has a closed book 50 question timed test and a practical assessment with an assessor.

Duration  1 day


Course BPEC Ventilation Training (without tests & assessor, no entry criteria)

Module Number BPEC 02

Description An in depth look at Ventilation, legislation, system types, duct types, duct resistance, installation, air flow calculations, commissioning and measuring airflows, calculating airflows & conversion tables. This course is the same as the above without the BPEC accredited certificate or the assessed practical test, but will give you a very good understanding of Ventilation in general.

Duration  6 hours

Course Working at Heights

Module Number BPEC 08

Description This course is designed for anyone who currently works or wishes to work at height and wants to understand the advantages, limitations and risk mitigation associated with doing so. It will cover risk assessments and safety processes, alongside ensuring that the correct equipment has been chosen for the task.

Duration  Varies