Application Design

Providing you with design support and guidance when specifying HVAC solutions for commercial and residential projects

Providing you with design support and guidance when specifying HVAC solutions for commercial and residential projects


Our dedicated team of HVAC specialists will work with you to provide support when applying our HVAC solutions to your next commercial or residential project. From the specification of the most appropriate solution through to design recommendations, we are on hand to provide guidance to you and your teams. 

We aim to support designers and specifiers to plan their project around a realistic HVAC model, meeting the required performance with cost considerations kept in mind. 

There are several key external and project related considerations that need to be factored in when specifying HVAC solutions, all of which we will support you on for your next project.

Need to understand the heat loss and load of a new project? Want to ensure your home is compliant with the latest sustainability regulations? Want to know how to budget for a new heating system?

We provide an online calculator ideal for single rooms, or if you need an indication for estimation purposes.

Have a more complicated challenge?

Dimplex has a dedicated Applications Design team with many years' experience in the electric heating industry. Our design team provides invaluable support to housebuilders, and partner with a trusted supplier and installer network. The design team considers information on room dimensions, glazed area, and the level of heating adjacent areas. They carry out heat loss calculations and work out the property's heat load to ensure your project achieves the required performance levels. All designs are bespoke to individual buildings and there is a handy summary list at the end to help with budgeting.

Heat Pump Guidance

Our team offer advice on:

- Which heat source is best suited to your project. Considerations to location, external space, efficiency and the demand on the HVAC services are required to provide the optimum solution

- What accessories are required with a specific energy source such as buffer tanks, water cylinders and brine packages for GSHPs

- What emitters would be best suited for the energy source whilst meeting the specification, as well as occupants comfort requirements, in the most energy efficient way

- Advise design factors including flow rates and noise levels


Electricity Associations 


To help you, we have also had permission from the Electricity Association to include their 'Guide to the design of electric space heating systems' which is the authoritative guide to designing an electric heating system (also known as DOM8*) and 'Guide to the design of electric water heating system' (also known as DOM9**).

*DOM 8                                   **DOM 9


Building Regulations/Part L Compliance

With Part L of the Building Regulations driving the reduction of carbon emissions in buildings, the design and specification of the building fabric will have to be improved, whatever the fuel. If you are planning a private new build, it's good to know that compliance with Building Regulations Part L can be straightforward using the latest Dimplex heating systems, and that the standard required for compliance is achievable using electric heating systems.

As more of our electricity is generated using low carbon sources, and with the acknowledgement from DECC that electric heating plays a fundamental part in the objective of creating a low carbon world, gaining compliance with electric heating systems will get easier over time.

In addition to designing schemes, the team also provides advice over the phone on complying with relevant building regulations, and over the years has helped many customers find a solution to their regulation nightmares.

We are supported my our installed partner network across the country

Our range of HVAC solutions aim to provide future proof technologies to building projects over various sectors