Our Sectors

Our range of HVAC solutions aim to provide future proof technologies to building projects over various sectors. As part of our goal towards more sustainable and efficient buildings, we offer end to end support to ensure aesthetic and compliance needs are both met.

Home Owner

We offer support with specifications for low carbon, energy efficient technologies to ensure Building Regulation compliance.

Residential apartments

We offer a range of HVAC technologies designed to support more sustainable apartments and offer greater flexibility.

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Residential housing

We offer fully scalable and flexible solutions for HVAC services into new housing developments.

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Residential refurbishment

We offer adaptable HVAC solutions for cost effective modernisation and refurbishment.

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We offer reliable and cost-effective solutions for retrofitting and refurbishment of more efficient commercial buildings.

Commercial offices

We have a variety of solutions for more sustainable commercial offices. designed to be flexible enough to meet the demands and aesthetics of the building.

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Commercial refurbishment

Our range of technologies and components are designed to aid in the drive for better performing buildings, whilst lowering operating costs.

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Hotel accommodation

Our HVAC solutions ensure hotel developments can maintain a five-star service. We have options for all budgets that offer comfort and meet local and national Building Regulations.

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Later Living

Our user-friendly solutions ensure comfort is maintained for lower operational cost for retirement and assisted living buildings.

Residential care homes

We offer a range of technologies to suit the needs of all projects and budgets. Our reliable solutions often exceed requirements, improving occupant comfort and operational costs.

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Retirement and assisted living

Reliable, efficient and space saving HVAC solutions with user-friendly controls meeting the communal requirements for retirement and assisted living accommodation.

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Multi Tenant

Our low-emission solutions can help reduce bills and lower the carbon footprint of multi tenant properties. 

Student accomodation

We have a range of solutions to provide cost effective and energy efficient HVAC in student accommodation. All our solutions are designed to assist in achieving compliance and meet local Building Regulations.

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Affordable housing

Our solutions are designed to assist cost effective and HVAC specification for affordable housing developments. These solutions support compliance within the drive towards sustainable buildings and local planning regulations.

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Whether looking for your home or project, we have put together a wealth of resources to support you through your journey.