Affordable housing

A complete range of heating, hot water, and ventilation solutions for affordable housing developments

A complete range of heating, hot water, and ventilation solutions for affordable housing developments


Our range of solutions are designed to assist cost effective and energy efficient HVAC specification for affordable housing developments. These solutions support compliance within the drive towards sustainable buildings and can help meet new Building Regulation requirements - as well as any local planning regulations.


Maximising quality on a budget is a key feature of our range of solutions in this area. Dimplex works closely with building service engineers to understand what is needed from heating, hot water, and ventilation systems for each project. 

Panel heaters

Cost effective, energy efficient and versatile electric heating solutions. These solutions require no pipework, reduce installation costs, and offer greater design flexibility.

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Heat pumps

Renewable energy solutions for low carbon dwellings, using natural sources such as air, ground, and water to provide hot water and space heating.

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Storage heaters

An option for some technology combinations in affordable homes that offers the benefits of local energy storage and lower cost tariffs.

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Our specialist teams are continually working with housing developers and have extensive experience in delivering HVAC solutions for a range of project budgets and specifications. Talk to us and we will help you in finding the best system for your next affordable housing project.

Our team of experienced experts can provide design recommendations in-line with your specifications, budget, and space requirements.

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Dimplex works with its partners across the country who support in the installation of our products, true to specific for your project.

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Our product training courses supports the installation of Dimplex solutions and can be delivered at our training centers or at a site of your choosing.

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Our resource hubs are designed to provide access to key information whether looking as an installer, specifier or key customer.

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