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Cost effective and energy efficient heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation solutions for hotel rooms and communal areas

Cost effective and energy efficient heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation solutions for hotel rooms and communal areas


We have a range of low carbon solutions which provide cost effective heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation to hotel developments.

Specification for hotels varies significantly depending on the requirements of the completed building, and we have options for all budgets that offer five-star comfort and help you design projects that are compliant to local and national Building Regulations.

Hotel design can have some niche requirements, especially when it comes to control. We have extensive experience working with these types of projects, and offer a number of bespoke options for such applications. Our technologies are designed to be cost-effective, energy efficient and offer various types of building service, with levels of control designed around the project’s specification and requirements.

Depending on requirements and budget, Dimplex fast-acting electric radiators deliver heat via convection or a combination of radiation and convection. A range of control options helps to maximize efficiency, comfort, and control for both the occupant and facilities management.

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Renewable sources of energy draw on natural sources such as air, ground and water to deliver hot water, heating and comfort cooling to hotels. Dimplex offers low carbon solution using heat pump technology to provide hot water to hotel developments.

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Depending on the required output and the size of the bathrooms, Dimplex models provide background or full heat to help meet the space's unique demand. Standalone or integrated control options are available as well.

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From specification through to product design and installation training, we offer end-to-end service and support. We also provide bespoke services such as witness testing for project specific fan coil systems.

Dimplex works with its partners across the country who support in the installation of our products, true to specific for your project.

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