SAP 10.2 in building regulation compliance


The UK Government’s National Calculation Methodology is used to assess compliance against Part L 2021, and now includes changes to energy performance requirements for residential dwellings.

The latest version of the Standard Assessment Procedure is SAP 10.2.


So what does this all mean for new residential developments?


There are two notional specifications

Using SAP 10.2, you can assess a dwelling’s compliance against a notional specification that features heat pump technology – so you can move away from fossil fuels sooner.
SAP 10.2 is linked to Part L

but addressing ventilation (Part F) and overheating (Part O) alongside Part L is essential for efficient, healthy and comfortable dwellings.
SAP 10.2 produces the BREL report

The Building Regulations England Part L (BREL) report is produced as part of the SAP assessment process, to help combat the performance gap.

Our latest guides analyse SAP 10.2 modelling of heat pump technologies for Part L compliance in residential dwellings, multi-occupancy buildings and large scale mixed-use and residential developments.

SAP 10.2 Guide: Route to Part L compliance for residential dwellings
Download our ‘SAP 10.2 Guide: Route to SAP 10.2 compliance for residential homes’ and learn how Dimplex’s range of HVAC solutions can help you to meet the latest building regulation requirements.
SAP 10.2 Guide: Route to Part L compliance for apartment buildings
Prepare for the low-carbon future just around the corner by downloading our ‘SAP 10.2 Guide: Route to Part L compliance for apartment buildings’ and find out about Dimplex’s suite of residential HVAC solutions.
SAP 10.2 Guide: Route to Part L compliance for mixed-use developments
Our 'SAP 10.2 Guide: Route to Part L compliance for large residential and mixed-use developments’ helps developers, SAP assessors and M&E consultants understand how best to meet the latest regulatory requirements.

SAP 10.2 CPD

Routes to Part L compliance with technologies for the electrification of heat in residential buildings

Our accredited CPD session takes you through all the key features of SAP 10.2 and what it means for achieving compliance in your residential developments

Dimplex SAP 10.2 modelling service


The switch to fully electric heating, cooling and ventilation systems need not come at an extra cost. We will assist in assessing the energy performance of your building against the notional building in Part L using the most appropriate Dimplex solutions for your development type and in harmony with the fabric of your building. 

Our aim is to make your work simpler. The service provides you with the information and references needed for the design process but we are happy to discuss steps beyond the initial specification. This way you are free to concentrate on your business and on delivering modern, desirable and energy-efficient homes.

To help with the specification of cost-effective fully-electric heating, hot water and cooling solutions for new-build homes and multi-occupancy residential and mixed-use buildings, we are now offering a Dimplex SAP 10.2 modelling service. 

To see how your development can achieve Part L compliance with Dimplex heat pump solutions



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