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Fan heaters work by forcing air across an element to heat the ambient air in a given space. The more air that passes across the heating element the more quickly the temperature will rise in that area.

As heat rises, so heated air naturally heads for the ceilings. Fan Heaters can therefore be mounted very low to the ground to maximise the effect of warm air, or the effect can be offset by positioning of fan heaters at a higher mounting level blowing down into the room and throwing this air back towards ground level.

In this way, base unit heaters and downflow fan heaters can be used as the main heating source to heat up a room very quickly or for supplementary warmth. There will some noise from the fan, but these are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.

The benefits of Base Unit and Downflow Fan Heaters for the kitchen or bathroom

  • Versatile - not confined by any existing system provides greater versatility when it comes to locating an electric Fan Heater within the room. Base Unit Heaters are neatly incorporated at floor level within your kitchen unit
  • Fast warm up – Variable heat output delivers warmth quickly when it is needed most. Or models offer the option of fan-only operation for cool air circulation on warmer days
  • Energy saving - Models with thermostat will automatically switch output down once the room is warm. Those with an electronic timer will automatically switch off the heater after a pre-set time saving energy and money
  • Safe – Splash-proof models for bathroom use, with protection against overheating built in and moulded in flame retardant self-extinguishing grade nylon
  • Space saving - Dimplex compact wall mounted fan heaters come in a range of shapes and sizes to provide heating where needed most but without getting in your way
  • Quick & easy to install - Because these Fan Heaters simply require a connection to the electrical circuit, they can be installed in a matter of minutes