Portable heating

Cost effective, safe and reliable heating for you and your family, Dimplex portable heaters are available in many different types and styles to provide you with the perfect supplementary heating for your home.

Dimplex offer a choice of convenient heaters that can be used within the home, workshop or greenhouse. Alternatively, for a permanent electric home heating installation you can view the Installed Heating range.

Electric radiators

These stylish heaters use a balance of radiant and convected heat to provide optimum comfort and performance. 

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Fan and ceramic heaters

Fan and ceramic heaters are perfect for instant top-up heating with instantaneous heat up and easy portability.

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Convector heaters

Convectors are ultra lightweight and ideal for heating larger rooms.

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Slimline heaters

Sleek and discreet, these heaters are ideal for medium sized rooms.

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Multi-purpose heaters

These versatile heaters provide low level localised heating and frost protection for use in lofts, greenhouses, workshops and sheds.

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